Industry Information: White Papers & Reports

American Business Media’s committees produce a continuous stream of white papers, surveys and reports covering all the disciplines of b-to-b media.

Brand Extension

Case Study Spotlight Series:
Successful Brand Extensions (NXTBook - PDF)

Case Study Spotlight #9 Part 2 : Product Spin-off
Case Study Spotlight #11 : E-Newsletters
Case Study Spotlight #10 : Trade show
Case Study Spotlight #9 Part 1 : Product Spin-off
Case Study Spotlight #8 : Directory
Case Study Spotlight #7: International Licensing & Partnering
Case Study Spotlight #6: Conferences & Seminars 
Case Study Spotlight #5: Reprints 
Case Study Spotlight #4: Book Distribution 
Case Study Spotlight #3: Special Issues, Ad Sections and Supplements
Case Study Spotlight #2: Web Sites
Case Study Spotlight #1: Continuing Education 
Custom Publishing: Opportunities Abound for B-to-B Publishers 
Spinning New Launches from an Existing Brand
Optimizing the Magazine/High-End Conference Relationship 
Optimizing the Magazine/Trade Show Relationship 
Best Practices of Producing Trade Shows and Seminars 


Circulation Code of Preferred Practices
Circulation Managers Survey

Digital Media

Going Mobile: How advances in mobile technology are changing global information exchange
Return on Content
Best Practices for E-Newsletters


Chief Editors Survey
Editorial Code of Ethics
Chief Editor’s Survey
Guide to Preferred Editorial Practices on the Web

Electronic Media

Electronic Media Survey
Legal Issues Relating to Publishing in New Media

The Events Industry (a white paper from DeSilva+Phillips and AMR)

Human Resources

Retention Strategies for Key Employees in B-to-B Companies
Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent
Best Practices of Telecommuting


International Partnering and Licensing (September 2004)
Guidelines for Publishing in China (May 2004)
Business Media Opportunities In India (April 2004)
Guidelines for Publishing in Japan
Guidelines for Publishing in Central and Eastern Europe (2002)
Guidelines for Publishing in Latin America (Nov 2001)
International Vendor Survey


Production/Manufacturing Technology

Digital Workflow Survey
Challenges and Successes in the Migration to a Digital Workflow


Sales Forecasting Survey
Sales Compensation Survey
Business Information Resources Survey


Code of Professional Research Ethics & Practices
It Pays to Advertise
Best Practices of Mail and Phone Surveys

Rich Data

The Rich Data Opportunity: B-to-B Media's Brave New Frontier


Strategic Finance & Operations

Due Diligence for B-to-B Media Mergers & Acquisitions