In April 2012, ABM launched a free monthly webinar training series for b-to-b professionals. The webinar series is the latest example of ABM’s commitment to offering high-quality education and training to the business media and information industry. The series complements existing programs such as ABM’s Advanced Leadership Program, an intensive five-day course produced in partnership with Kellogg/Medill’s Media Management Center at Northwestern University, which preps management-level employees for the next step in their careers.    

Topic-specific webinars will feature experts from the b-to-b industry and other sectors sharing actionable best practices and tutorials on subjects ranging from mobile strategies to understanding web analytics to creating exceptional b-to-b editorial.

Upcoming Webinars:  

More Than Just Magazines: The Many Uses of Adobe DPS for Your Business 

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite is the leading digital publishing platform that has been adopted by the vast majority of publishers looking to turn their print editions into highly interactive experiences available through leading newsstands and devices. But did you know that you can use DPS to create so much more than magazines? If the thought of investing in an interactive digital publishing platform seems daunting, don't miss this one-hour webinar where you'll learn how to maximum your return on investment through the huge variety of apps that you can author with this tool. You'll learn the basics of DPS and then get a solid overview, including real-life examples, of apps being created with DPS today that go beyond the digital magazines you are already familiar with. From interactive advertising, to inserts, brochures, internal communication tools, event apps, presentations, and more, you'll see how to extend what you can deliver to reach more readers, cut down on printing costs and deliver more timely and relevant experiences to your employees and customers.

SPEAKERS: Bridget Roman, Sr. Product Marketing Manager
James Lockman, Sr. Solutions Consultant
DATE: Wednesday, March 12, 2014
TIME: 2pm-3pm ET
Webinar details will be sent prior to the event

REGISTRATION: Webinar is free, though online registration for SIIA/ABM/SIPA members is required.  

The list of 2013 webinars is listed below. 

Archived Webinars

Drive Scale and Revenue with User Generated Content: How B2B Is Tapping into the Forbes Contributor Network (1/27/14)
Presented by ABM’s Editorial Committee

Content teams in business-to-business media want to leverage the expertise of their vertical communities but are often constrained in how much scale they can drive with user generated content. However, companies such as ALM are now tapping into the Forbes Contributor Network, a white label solution that both curates expert third-party content while offering a content management system to publish both user and original content.

Forbes chief operating officer Mike Federle will explain how the contributor network works and how B-to-B media companies are using it. Takeaways include:
• What the Forbes Contributor Network does and how publishers can participate
• How B-to-B publishers are creating their own contributor networks
• Best practices in driving user generated content
• Emerging revenue models with user generated content

ABM, SIIA, SIPA and CWA members can view the on-demand video of the webinar for free. To request the link, click here.

Automating the Editorial Workflow (11/14/13)
Brought to you by ABM’s Editorial Committee and the Construction Writers Association

In the digital world, content is no longer king -- how you effectively deliver and disseminate that content to your readers is. Today’s content strategies are focused on creating once and publishing many times, while augmenting original content with curation.

This webcast will show how b-to-b content teams are automating their workflows to deliver the right content at the right time on the right platform; how automation is helping drive discoverability; and how an automated workflow is providing a steady stream of fresh, relevant content without driving up costs or staff workloads. Speaker: Bob Benz, president of content at Hanley Wood.

ABM, SIIA, SIPA and CWA members can view the on-demand video of the webinar for free. To request the link, click here.

Understanding Video: 3 Steps to Developing a Video Content Strategy (10/31/13)
Brought to you by ABM’s Editorial Committee and the Construction Writers Association

Video is playing a more prominent role as b-to-b content teams serve their audiences in new ways and on new platforms. However, video is frequently offered as an add-on -- something that is done because we can do it, not because we should do it (and often, not done very well.

This webcast will show editors how to “read” the audience and evaluate upfront where video will add value (or where it is superfluous) and, if video is appropriate, how to execute high-quality video content affordably and efficiently with existing staff and resources. Speakers include Sam Simon, Multimedia Production Manager at Cygnus Business Media and Larry Stewart, editor of

ABM, SIIA, SIPA and CWA members can view the on-demand video of the webinar for free. To request the link, click here.

Personal Branding for Journalists (09/26/13)
Brought to you by ABM’s Editorial Committee and the Construction Writers Association

You’ve heard about journalists and personal branding for a few years now. And if you’re like most journalists, you thought:

• Oh, that’s just a buzz phrase. • Isn’t branding just marketing? • Isn’t branding just selling out? • Or, but my work should stand for itself.

Some of that is true, but the reality is that you are branding yourself, whether intentionally or not. You are creating your brand. During this webinar, Robin J. Phillips, digital director at the Reynolds Center for Business, explores ways you can grab the wheel and take control of it. 

ABM, SIIA, SIPA and CWA members can view the on-demand video of the webinar for free. To request the link, click here.

Driving Website Performance with Tag Management (01/31/13)
brought to you by ABM's Digital Media Council

It’s 2013 and analytics are king, but they go far beyond basic page view and visitor metrics. Tag management promises more agile measurement that can boost website performance, but the process continues to be confusing and often tedious. 

During a free webinar on January 31, Mark Rose, svp of sales at BrightTag, will clear up the confusion by offering a concise break-down of the process and how to implement it.  Tom Cintorino, Northstar Travel Media’s evp of digital media and chair of ABM’s Digital Media Council, will moderate. Summary.

How to Use Social Media as a Reporting Tool (02/28/13)
brought to you by ABM's Editorial Committee

Too often social media channels are being used simply as a way to promote links to existing content created on other platforms. That means many b-to-b content teams are neglecting one of their most powerful tools. In this webinar, Crain Communications social media trainer Tracy Samantha Schmidt will offer actionable takeaways for content teams of any size on leveraging social media as a reporting tool. Summary and archive.

How to Boost Email Marketing Response Rates (03/14/13)
brought to you by ABM's Audience Development Committee

While digital marketing tools abound, e-mail remains one of the most prominent, effective—and personal—marketing platforms we have for reaching our customers. The mass amounts of e-mail our customers are receiving in their daily professional lives necessitates a smart, proactive strategy that touches the right buttons when customers need them—and a marketing professional who can tweak campaigns on the fly to improve results.

This webinar, brought to you by ABM’s Audience Development Committee, will offer leading edge best practices for boosting e-mail response rates, as well as benchmark data from a recent ABM survey on e-mail marketing performance and investment within b-to-b media. In addition, two industry experts will share actionable steps for improving e-mail response. Summary and archive.

Build Your Business With Digital Publishing (03/21/13)

brought to you by Adobe

There is still much speculation around the need to invest in engaging, interactive digital apps and how to use them to build your brand, drive revenue and expand your business. During this webinar, brought to you by Adobe, Bridget Roman and Colin Fleming will share insightful information on tablet and smartphone trends, where the publishing and technology industries are headed, the importance on ensuring your brand is available to readers when they want to engage with your content and more. Summary and archive.

How to Use Social Media as an Audience Development Tool (06/20/13)
brought to you by ABM's Audience Development Committee

When it comes to social media, marketers and audience developers are often guilty of the same missteps as content creators—shoveling existing promotions and copy onto social channels rather than approaching each social platform as its own unique environment that can offer valuable insight—as well as a direct touch point—to their customers.

During this free webinar, hear from leading experts on how to leverage social media as an audience development tool, from developing deeper customer understanding to boosting performance of marketing campaigns and content products to the leading social media tools that you should be using. Summary and archive.

Maximize ROI with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (06/27/13)
brought to you by Adobe 

If you are considering moving from a PDF version of your magazine to a highly engaging, interactive reading experience, but are worried about the added staff, budget and training that might be involved, attend this one-hour webinar to learn how you and your team can seamlessly get up and running with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.

During the hour, Adobe’s Bridget Roman and Colin Fleming will introduce you to the various ways that DPS ensures efficient and affordable production costs and also provides in-app marketing tools that will help you generate meaningful revenue. They'll also share real-life examples of how other business media publishers like GIE Media have successfully achieved this. Summary.