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Digital Media & Information Issue Updates

Copyright Guidance – Use of Materials From the Internet 
News Aggregation Services – Legal and Practical Perspectives 
Intellectual Property Policies and Guidance  
The SOPA and PROTECT IP Act Debate
Internet Publishing   
Subpeoenas and Requests for Identity of Posters of User-Generated Content  
Memo Re: Advertising Industry Behavioral Advertising Proposal
Memo Re: FTC Report on Self-Regulatory Guidelines for Behavioral Advertising
ABM Comments on Behavioral Advertising

Information Policy Committee Policy Papers

Data Breach
Government Information Policy
Intellectual Property
Free Flow of Information Act (Reporter's Shield Legislation)
Net Neutrality
Behavioral Advertising

Postal Issue Updates

Presentation Deck from ABM Webinar on Periodical Rules & Regulations 
Memo Re: Alternative Mail Delivery Services 
2012 Budget Guidance
Affordable Mail Alliance et al. Brief in 2011 Exigent Rate Case  
Postal Coalition - Retiree Fact Sheet
PDF on USPS Addressing & Label Placement Changes
CRS "Do Not Mail" Report
Postal Rate Testimony by David Straus on behalf of ABM
Rate Case Impacts
Reply Brief of ABM on Periodicals Rates
Press Release: Congress Passes Postal Reform Legislation
Major Differences Between Current Postal Law and Post Reform Bill
ABM's Testimony Challenging Time Warner Complaint
Statement to the House Government Reform Committee
Large Publishers File Postal Rate Case
ABM Testifies Before Presidential Commission
ABM Urges Presidential Commission to Attack Previously Unchallenged Issues

Other Issues

2012 Election Outcomes, Impacts & Analysis 
Telemarketing Recap 
Suggested Terms for Fax & Email Policy 
Telephone Consumer Protection Act Summary 
Canadian Anti-Spam Law Summary
House Judiciary Roster for Shield Legislation
Customer Privacy Guidelines
Junk Fax Act
ABM Final Comments on CAN-SPAM
ABM Comments on Do-Not-Email Registry
Update on Fax Ruling
Clarifications on Do-Not-Call Rules
Guidelines on Fax Advertising