About the Timothy White Award:
The Timothy White Award recognizes exemplary leadership in the face of challenges and pressures that editors face daily. It is given to an editor whose work displays extraordinary courage, integrity and passion. This award is named after the longtime editor of Billboard who served as the moral compass of the music industry by tackling controversial issues before he passed away in 2002.

The editor being nominated must demonstrate that he/she followed White’s lead by:
Standing up to outside pressures — whether from advertisers, industry executives or upper management — that threaten to interfere with the goal of placing readers first and maintaining independent, honest and ethical journalism.

Serving as the “conscience” of the audience that his/her publication or website serves and fearlessly supporting important industry causes.

Although courage and passion are the prime requirements for this award, the nominee should also:
Uphold the integrity of business-to-business journalism as defined in ABM’s Editorial Code of Ethics and other professional standards.  Click here to view the Editorial Code of Ethics.
Mentor editorial colleagues and other members of the publication to instill the highest ethical standards in them.

The nominated editor must currently be employed by an ABM member company. 

About Timothy White:

Adamant that Billboard cover not only the most acclaimed or famous artists, Tim White regularly wrote about unsung performers in his column, Music to My Ears, and was an outspoken advocate of artists' rights. He often served as the music industry's moral compass by tackling controversial issues.

He was awarded four prestigious ASCAP-Deems Taylor Awards for his book Rock Lives: Profiles & Interviews, for his Music to My Ears columns, for his 1993 Century Award Portrait of the Artist profile of George Harrison, and for his editing of Billboard's series on work for hire and musical copyrights.

“The first hire I made as publisher of Billboard in 1990 was Timothy,” said industry icon Howard Lander. “Besides possessing an inquisitive mind, a deep passion for music, and unmatched writing skills, Timothy led his life with the firm belief that a person had to be willing to stand up and be counted.”

If you have questions about the Timothy White Award, contact Petrina Hicks at p.hicks@abmmail.com or 212-661-6360.