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Chair: Larry Greenberger
Group Publisher
Cygnuss Business Media


The mission of the Publisher’s Committee is three-fold:
1) To build a sense of community among business-to-business publishers nationwide;
2) To support and foster growth among ABM’s existing and new revenue streams with programs and resource materials;
3) To help support sales channels for and create new programs/committees for ABM

    Goals and Objectives:

    • Establish benchmarks and goals for increasing share of marketing and advertising dollars attained by business-to-business publishing companies.
    • Develop training programs to explore the sales process in detail from a "best practices" perspective. The goal is to create experts in marketing, advertising and ad sales.
    • Create idea exchange relating to revenue opportunities for American Business Media members.
    • Consistently communicate ideas and findings to all members in an efficient and effective manner.
    • Develop an American Business Media awards program for innovation and success in the development of new revenue streams, as well as successful growth in existing revenue initiatives.


    What's Happening:

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