ABM’s 2013 Executive Forum: Recap

Three Emerging Business Models — And the Organizational Structure to Support Them

ABM’s 2013 Executive Forum, held Nov. 11-12, 2013, in Chicago, offered attendees ways to adapt to the new realities of serving our end-user and marketing customers. While estimates vary dramatically about emerging business models and the revenue we can expect to see, there are clearly visible trends that will significantly affect every b-to-b media and information company regardless of size or market — the only question is to what degree. These emerging trends include Data, Audience Monetization and the Rise of Pay-for-Performance Marketing; Mobile Becoming the Primary Customer Touchpoint; and Business Information. While being too far ahead of the curve is as dangerous as being too far behind, these are three emerging business models that are already revolutionizing b-to-b media and information and will continue to alter the way we do business going forward.

The full videos of the conference sessions are now available to attendees. For the link, attendees can e-mail info@abmmail.com.

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