William Ault

 Chair: William Ault
President, Equipment Data Associates
Randall-Reilly Publishing

Mission Statement of the Business Information Council

· To assist ABM members in developing and growing business information ventures;

·         To identify leading business information providers and give ABM members examples of successful strategies and best practices within this field;

·         To provide resources and training to help those working in the field to find solutions for their problems and implement successful strategies in areas such as database management, sales, pricing, vendor management and related skills; 

·         To ensure that ABM members better understand technological innovation and its impact on the delivery and use of business information, and

·         To help make ABM more important and more relevant for pure-play business information companies.

Business Information Defined

Business Information consists of public and proprietary information gathered and linked in order to create valuable business intelligence which can be sold to customers for analytical, business development and operational purposes.  Ideally, the information we offer businesses becomes an integral part of a customer’s workflow and improves their business processes, thus providing a nigh margin revenue stream for ABM members that is not easily unseated by competitive pressures. 

Our Meetings

The Council meets in New York 5-6 times a year with a focus on sharing best practices among players in the field.  All meetings are also available via live Webex for those outside the NY metro area.  Each two hour meeting showcases two sessions.  The first hour features a case study where members share solutions they’ve developed to real market challenges they faced.   In the second hour we highlight ‘topics from the trenches’ where we focus on specific problems, solutions, and trends.  See the Council Calendar for our next meeting time and place.


Business Information Council membership list

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