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11/20/2014 - Content marketing is a hot opportunities for marketers and media, but how is this really any different from legacy “custom content” strategies? The difference today is what content marketing can accomplish. Rick Short of Indium Corp. has developed an aggressive content marketing strategy that turned Indium engineers into bloggers, video stars and influencers. The results? A 600 percent increase in sales leads and 10,000 new opt-in, self-qualified, sales leads each year.

11/17/2014 - As the The postmaster general of the United States, Patrick R. Donahoe, steps down early next year, ABM/SIIA postal counsel Jack Widener identifies the implications for the portion of the information industry that depends on physical mail delivery.

11/14/2014 - The traditional audience development role has focused on content exposure, rather than generating marketing or even subscription dollars. However, a new demand for “audience engagement” is leading to new roles that combine marketing, business and editorial expertise. Randall-Reilly's new vp-audience development, Prescott Shibles, recently spoke with ABM about why the new leaders in audience development need a new skill set that’s well-versed in digital technology and marketing.

10/16/2014 - The DTN/The Progressive Farmer Agriculture Confidence Index reported in September that farmers have adopted a pessimistic view for the first time since the index began in 2010. At the same time, the Agri-Marketers' Confidence Index reported that corporate agribusiness managers are the most pessimistic that they have been since March 2010.

10/16/2014 - ABM's educational event in New York City gave media company professionals a chance to hone old skills, develop new ones, and pick up actionable takeaways useful for levels from managers to junior practitioners.

10/2/2014 - There were 29 mergers and acquisitions in b-to-b media during the first nine months of 2014—the same number of deals as in the first three-quarters of 2013, according to the Jordan Edmiston Group.

9/10/2014 - New ABM Audience Development Committee chair, Toni Nevitt, discusses strategic issues facing audience developers, including results that get the attention of the C-suite, the challenges of working with other departments and skillsets audience developers need today.

8/28/2014 - Although only five months old, ALM's native ads program has become a seven-figure business; Slate reports nearly 20 percent of its digital ad revenue comes from native.

8/27/2014 - Programmatic advertising is trendy, and its use is growing, but recent research and expert opinion suggest that the practice is no panacea for what ails publishing.

8/21/2014 - News broke this week that Time Inc is rating writers based on criteria including "Quality of Writing," Productivity / Tenacity" and, remarkably, "Produces content that is beneficial to the advertiser relationship." In this post on ABM's MediaPace blog, three top b-to-b editors -- led by Willie Vogt, Corporate Editorial Director at Farm Progress and Ethics Chair of ABM's Editorial Committee -- talk about the report and about operating in the native advertising space with integrity.

8/13/2014 - Programmatic buying, marketing automation and retargeting are no longer the domain of tech media but are becoming increasingly important in other verticals as well.

8/13/2014 - In June, Jessica Perry took over as senior vice president of publications and media for SHRM. ABM spoke with Perry about her new position, b2b media and digital and opportunities for women in the industry.

7/16/2014 - Deal value for business-to-business media in the first half of 2014 increased more than eight times when compared to last year’s first half, according to a recent report by the Jordan, Edmiston Group, Inc. (JEGI).

7/8/2014 - Recent LinkedIn initiatives have included those that make it easier for partner publishers to share content and receive traffic back from the popular business community site. However, recent reports suggest that new LinkedIn policies are resulting in a deep plunge in that referral traffic.

6/25/2014 - Content curation has become a necessary part of today’s information environment, but many editors are still struggling with how to think about curation strategically. During the editorial track at the first installment of ABM’s Regional Training Series “Edit, Digital Sales and Data Products” on July 10, PublishThis vice president of sales Chad Elbert will host a session entitled “Feed the Beast: Understanding Content Curation Strategies.”

6/20/2014 - As advertising continues to shift from print to digital, marketers are missing out on a potential opportunity. Print ads, especially those placed in trade magazines or other wide-reaching publications, are more likely to touch (and hopefully, convert) non-customers than digital ads, which are typically willingly accessed by existing customers.

6/17/2014 - At ABM’s Marketer/Media/Publisher Council meeting on April 22, Kantar Media SRDS president Steve Davis shared the results of a survey the company conducted in tandem with The James G. Elliott Co., Inc. in late 2013 with over 200 business-to-business media buyers, charting the methodology they use when deciding what investments to make.

6/4/2014 - At last week’s inaugural Code Conference, hosted by Re/code, Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers (KPCB) presented her annual Internet Trends report. Available as a slideshow on a dedicated section of KPCB’s site, Meeker’s report details a rapidly-changing world, where mobile internet usage is growing faster than advertisers can take advantage of it.

6/4/2014 - According to recently-released data compiled by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), the U.S. trade show industry grew 2.6 percent year-on-year in the first quarter of 2014.

5/28/2014 - During an ABM webinar, two experts shared how new technology, mixed with a bit of savviness, allows audience development teams to leverage social media for improved content and SEO performance, expanded audience reach, and deeper customer understanding.

5/21/2014 - According to data released by the United States Postal Service earlier this month, revenue from periodical mailings has dropped in Q1 of 2014.

5/16/2014 - The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), the principal trade association for the software and digital content industries, today expressed significant concern over new data from the U.S. Postal Service revealing a sharp decline in the volume of periodicals mailed in the first quarter of 2014.

5/6/2014 - The first three sessions of ABM’s Annual Conference focused on offering independent operators solid strategies for growing their businesses.

5/6/2014 - Digital and specialized business information products, not television, are two of the biggest drivers of growth for The Weather Company, parent of The Weather Channel. Today, b-to-b products represent 10 percent of revenue. In the next three years, that percentage will double, thanks to big data and the ability to integrate into customer workflows.

5/6/2014 - In a panel at ABM’s Annual Conference entitled “What B2B Brands Want from You,” moderator Tom Stein – CEO of Stein IAS (Americas) – sat down with C-level representatives from three very different companies to see what they expect – and need – from publishers.

4/30/2014 - According to the Q1 2014 Mergers and Acquisitions Report filed by the Jordan Edmiston Group, Inc. (JEGI) at the beginning of the month, M&A in b-to-b media have skyrocketed.

4/30/2014 - As the Web’s premier business-based social networking platform, LinkedIn has established itself as a valuable tool for the b-to-b media industry.

4/23/2014 - At yesterday’s Marketer/Media/Publisher Council meeting in New York – entitled “B2B Media 360: Mobilizing Brands for Growth – How, When and Where to Play” – a group of experts representing the different sides of the business-to-business industry converged to share experiences and proven solutions.

4/16/2014 - Last week, ALM launched ALM Brand Perspectives, a native advertising platform that has already reported click-through rates ten times greater than the industry standard.

4/16/2014 - On Sunday, May 4, ABM’s Annual Conference will kick off with a presentation from keynote speaker Chris Walters, COO of The Weather Channel Companies, entitled “Why B2B is the Future for The Weather Channel.” Prior to his speech, Walters spoke with ABM about his own personal b-to-b philosophies and how they’ve guided The Weather Channel into this new avenue.

4/10/2014 - At the ABM/SIIA/StrategyEye event “Understanding Content Marketing and Making Money from It” in new York City last month, business-to-business brands, publishers and agencies came together to share how they approached content marketing.

4/9/2014 - Full-year industry revenue report: B-to-B online advertising grew 22 percent in 2013, as the entire b-to-b media industry grew 4.8 percent.

4/2/2014 - Prior to co-hosting “Scaling Your Event Business,” a session dealing with conferences, expos, and trade shows at ABM's Annual Conference, Bill Springer offered ABM some insight into the process behind hosting events and customizing scale.

4/2/2014 - Last week, Penton announced the creation of SmartReach, a new division within the company designed to draw commerce from its customer database. Penton is now the latest media organization to join the booming data business field, leveraging the information they’ve collected over years as a source of revenue.

4/1/2014 - After several quiet months, M&A activity in business-to-business media came roaring back in in the first quarter of 2014, with deal volume jumping 50 percent to 12 transactions (up from eight transactions in the first quarter of 2013), while deal value leapt nearly 10 times to $1.0 billion, according to the Q1 2014 M&A Overview from the Jordan, Edmiston Group.

3/26/2014 - Digital news consumption of farmers and ranchers continues to grow, but not at the expense of traditional media, according to the 2014 iteration of the ABM Agri Media Council Media Channel Study.

3/25/2014 - This Thursday, at ABM’s Marketing Services Council meeting, Rex Hammock, founder and CEO of Hammock, Inc., will host a presentation entitled “How to Go-to-Market.” Prior to the council meeting, ABM had the chance to ask Hammock some questions about becoming a marketing services provider and what trends he’s seen in the industry during his career.

3/19/2014 - On Mar. 27, ABM presents an exclusive seminar, “Understanding Content Marketing and Making Money from It.” In a session called, “Got-To-Market Strategies,” BVR CEO David Foster and Jessica April, director of business development with Reuters News Agency, will share how they are structuring internally to offer content marketing solutions, how they sell to brands and how they execute on those campaigns.

3/19/2014 - At the 60th Annual Jesse H. Neal Awards ceremony, the Grand Neal Award – the most prestigious award of the event, given to whichever winner best exemplified the standards of its category – went to Randall-Reilly Publishing Company’s Overdrive, for its series of articles on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)’s Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) program.

3/12/2014 - At ABM’s 2014 Annual Conference on May 5, BLR chief content officer Ed Keating will share how the company crafted a new type of solution to become more than just an information source.

3/12/2014 - Business information is a great opportunity for recurring revenue, and as such, two of the nation’s biggest agricultural publishers have recently joined the trend.

3/11/2014 - ABM’s Agri Media Council has just released the newest iteration of its biennial research report on how readers engage with agriculture media. The survey finds that loyalty to and use of print media remains strong among farmers and ranchers, and that growth in digital media is not coming at the expense of print.

3/10/2014 - While use of the Internet and other digital channels by agri executives has lagged e-media usage in other vertical markets, ag execs are catching up in a hurry, according to Meister Media’s 2014 Internet Use Study.

3/5/2014 - According to findings just released by BPA Worldwide's Ad iCompli service, many advertisers aren’t getting what they're paying for – measuring ad campaigns across a variety of media, the data revealed that only 40 percent of the advertisements tracked were considered “viewable.”

2/26/2014 - ABM spoke with Jonah Bloom about what publishers need to understand about the content marketing opportunity, how it fits into what they are already producing on a daily basis and how “owned,” “earned” and “paid” media all factor in.

2/20/2014 - Separate research projects conducted by ABM and Forrester Research independently conclude that marketers are planning to increase their ad budgets. Both studies also show that digital spending is on the rise, while more marketers plan to cut print spending than to increase it.

1/28/2014 - In a webinar delivered Jan. 22 to ABM’s Marketing Services Council entitled “Marketing Services for Media Companies,” George Assimakopoulus shared the benefit of his experience setting prices and planning strategies for marketing services, offering up his proven techniques in a manner to serve the entire b-to-b community.

1/22/2014 - At the upcoming Information Industry Summit – the first to be co-programmed by ABM and parent organization SIIA – Michael Garity, Asset International’s VP of global event strategy and business development, will show how the company stopped leaving money on the table by identifying event sponsor needs and meeting those needs through its integrated media offerings.

1/15/2014 - When Joshua Crandall started what would become Clever Commute in 2006, he had no idea of the vast experiment in information crowdsourcing that it would soon become. “I engaged a few of my fellow commuters and I said, ‘Can I have your e-mail addresses and let’s just make a pact – first person who sees a problem, let each other know.’”

1/3/2014 - In their annual statement on mergers and acquisitions in the media, information, marketing and tech sectors, the Jordan, Edmiston Group, Inc. (JEGI) has reported the sum total of deals announced in 2013 to be $88.6 billion, as compared to $74.7 billion in 2012.

12/18/2013 - In 2013, ABM's Committees & Councils have produced many projects, including webinars, research reports and workshops on subjects such as social media, the future of editorial, email marketing, custom content, database integration and more.

12/11/2013 - The “business information” portion of the b-to-b media industry is on track to grow 7 percent, according to the most recent ABM BIN Report. That rate of growth may push the data subscription and database product segment over $2.6 billion in annual sales for media companies by the end of 2013, showing better growth than the traditional print advertising and face-to-face event segments.

12/4/2013 - During a recent ABM event, b-to-b marketers and agencies met with publishers to discuss the best types of content and how they help the ultimate goal of making a sale.

12/2/2013 - In their 60th year, the Neal Awards recognize editorial excellence in business media and are the industry’s most esteemed awards.

11/19/2013 - Bob Benz, president of content, explains how he changed the company’s landscape with a series of progressive reinventions.

10/23/2013 - ABM recaps key data industry trends from the SIIA event in Philly.

10/16/2013 - Later this month, more than 15 ABM members will be honored at the 2013 Folio: 100 breakfast, which recognizes media's "innovators, entrepreneurial thinkers and disrupters."

10/16/2013 - Digital Velocity is the only b2b media event for digital media professionals, programmed by digital media professionals.

10/9/2013 - LinkedIn is becoming a game changer in publishing content. The platform has also silently built up other offerings for b-to-b marketers, including advertisements and lead generation.

10/2/2013 - Many journalists resist the idea of creating a personal brand. But with the prominent use of Internet search engines and social platforms, journalists already have a brand, and it's public.

9/25/2013 - Allured Business Media has launched a new event management company, Allured Global Events, which will operate as a standalone business.

9/25/2013 - So, you've decided to "go mobile," and you've picked the app route -- now what? What are the best monetization strategies, and how do you choose the best business model for your company?

9/18/2013 - A webinar by Knowledge Marketing made a strong case for the events team to own the integrated database, laying out various ways integrated data can drive additional event ROI.

9/18/2013 - Online technologies, such as social networks, could impact the event industry, but won't replace face-to-face communication, said Clay Shirky, keynote speaker of CEIR's Predict Conference.

9/11/2013 - LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner recently revealed the company is focused on creating the ultimate "content experience" and not the content itself. So where does that leave publishers?

8/26/2013 - Northstar's vp of business development and licensing, Sheila Rice, explains how recent deals allow the company to reuse data and content to drive more revenue.

8/21/2013 - A recent webcast by ABM, SIIA and SIPA explored how to make the business case for mobile, including best reasons for providing a mobile product.

8/14/2013 - This fall, IBT Media, the digital media company that recently acquired Newsweek, will dive into trade media as it premieres its first business-to-business news site, focused on information technology.

8/14/2013 - How can you drive scale, and make an impact in your industry, on a small budget and with a small staff? We've detailed tactics from two independent publishers.

8/7/2013 - Meredith's new AgriMedia division, headed by Scott Mortimer, encompasses all of Meredith’s agri media offerings, plus marketing solutions, market research, mobile marketing and custom content options.

8/6/2013 - ABM's Value of B-to-B research finds that most publishers say rate pursuing a mobile strategy as important.

8/5/2013 - The 2013 Executive Forum, to be held Nov. 11-12 in Chicago, will tackle the issues of changing corporate structure and business line ownership around the new drivers of our businesses.

7/31/2013 - ThinkAdvisor, a Summit Business Media brand, has announced a new focus with customized reader content at the center of the transformation.

7/31/2013 - Pricing is also about product positioning and fostering viability. Here's how British b-to-b publisher EMAP prices its subscription packages for Retail Week and Health Service Journal.

7/24/2013 - During ABM's recent Advanced Leadership Program for Independent Operators, presenters shared unique ways audience data is driving revenue.

7/24/2013 - On August 15, a free webcast for ABM, SIIA and SIPA members will explore the emerging business considerations for mobile.

7/24/2013 - ABM's Value of B-to-B research, to be released next week, found that marketers place a very high value on trade shows and conferences.

7/17/2013 - During a one-hour webcast, the SIIA Government Affairs team will present a mid-year review of this year's most important public policy developments in the media and information industries.

7/2/2013 - Many ag media brands are using customer insight to launch "must-have" services and subscription businesses.

6/27/2013 - Last week, 15 media executives graduated from ABM's Advanced Leadership Program for Independent Operators, a customized education program for small and medium-sized media and information businesses.

6/26/2013 - NewBay Media is launching of NewBay Plus, a marketing services division led by Vice President and Corporate Director Joe Braue. Braue spoke with ABM about his new role and more.

6/26/2013 - Many b-to-b editorial teams take the helm when it comes to social media marketing, but audience development might be the best place for the task, according to three executives.

6/5/2013 - In mid-April, Washington Technology launched a membership program that placed nearly all of its content under a paywall. It was a necessary move as the brand expanded its content offerings.

5/29/2013 - In an SIIA webinar on June 11, Russell Perkins, of InfoCommerce Group, will explain how publishers can obtain no-cost data from government sources.

5/22/2013 - On Tuesday, six media executives gathered together to form a panel on How Design Impacts The Newsroom.

5/21/2013 - In a MediaPace blog post, ABM's director of research and content discusses the current revenue landscape for b-to-b media, highlighting figures from ABM's latest BIN report.

5/15/2013 - At ABM’s Annual Conference, John Wickersham, partner of investment firm Atwood Capital, detailed products and services that will boost digital and b-to-b valuation.

5/8/2013 - ABM’s Marketing Services Council has unveiled a new white paper, sponsored by Wright’s Media, that discusses the biggest obstacles to creating a marketing services business and how to resolve the issues.

5/8/2013 - New ABM member Praetorian Group recently won Small Business of the Year, which recognizes exemplary business practices. ABM chatted Robert Dippell, vp of corporate development, about the business and more.

5/8/2013 - SIIA and ABM is set to host their first co-branded event, a roundtable focused on how to drive mobile app revenue via new technologies, including advanced cloud capabilities and data integration.

5/6/2013 - In a commentary published on MediaPost, ABM's President and CEO Clark Pettit speaks out on why associations must consolidate to help members.

4/30/2013 - At ABM's Annual Conference, 60 attendees gathered to learn how to build equity value, develop database revenue and expand into licensed content.

4/30/2013 - Marketing automation. Behavioral targeting. “Day-parting.” If these concepts aren’t part of your strategy, they soon will be, according to executives who kicked off ABM’s 2013 Annual Conference.

4/24/2013 - How can business information startups attract investors and keep them happy? ABM talked with Rafat Ali, founder of Skift.com.

4/23/2013 - In a MediaPace blog post, Mark Sableman, ABM's information policy counsel, recaps a recent court decision that provides useful guidance on news aggregation.

4/23/2013 - In an exclusive ABM video Elisabeth DeMarse, CEO and chairman of TheStreet, talks about subscription products which she believes is a driving force in the company's success.

4/17/2013 - Spiceworks is the go-to community for the IT industry with more than 2.5 million professionals and hundreds of vendors willing to pay to join. So what makes Spiceworks so attractive to brands? ABM talked to Co-Founder Jay Hallberg.

4/17/2013 - The company has debuted two new mobile marketing solutions, while consolidating its mobile offerings into single group.

4/17/2013 - ABM talked to Kevin Arsham, TargetCast's vice president and account director, about b-to-b marketing and the company's best practices.

4/3/2013 - ABM talked to Tom Cochran, CTO at Atlantic Media Company, on the biggest tech challenges, how to attract the best developer talent, the role of a CTO and more.