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8/21/2014 - Crain director of social media strategy Tracy Samantha Schmidt explains the best prioritization for business-to-business media companies -- LinkedIn over Twitter, Twitter, over Facebook -- and why.

8/21/2014 - News broke this week that Time Inc is rating writers based on criteria including "Quality of Writing," Productivity / Tenacity" and, remarkably, "Produces content that is beneficial to the advertiser relationship." In this post on ABM's MediaPace blog, three top b-to-b editors -- led by Willie Vogt, Corporate Editorial Director at Farm Progress and Ethics Chair of ABM's Editorial Committee -- talk about the report and about operating in the native advertising space with integrity.

8/6/2014 - These seven takeaways -- presented by Cygnus Business Media's Sam Simon at ABM's recent regional training event in Chicago -- can help a content team harness the power of video to boost audience engagement and attract more eyeballs.

7/16/2014 - At ABM regional training session, MTG editorial director Bill McDowell offered concrete tactics to transition from an old media business model based on exposure to a new media model based on engagement.

7/9/2014 - Award-winning trade journalist Marianne Dekker Mattera died on July 3. She was honored last March at ABM's 60th Annual Jesse H. Neals Award Ceremony in New York in recognition of the record 18 Neal Awards that she earned over a 30-plus year career in healthcare journalism.

7/8/2014 - Recent LinkedIn initiatives have included those that make it easier for partner publishers to share content and receive traffic back from the popular business community site. However, recent reports suggest that new LinkedIn policies are resulting in a deep plunge in that referral traffic.

6/25/2014 - Content curation has become a necessary part of today’s information environment, but many editors are still struggling with how to think about curation strategically. During the editorial track at the first installment of ABM’s Regional Training Series “Edit, Digital Sales and Data Products” on July 10, PublishThis vice president of sales Chad Elbert will host a session entitled “Feed the Beast: Understanding Content Curation Strategies.”

6/23/2014 - Laura Viscusi, publisher of Architectural Record, is a pioneer in b-to-b publishing and has been honored many times for her work. Recently, ABM spoke with her about her accomplishments and opportunities for women in the industry.

6/20/2014 - A recurring theme of discussion at SIPA's 38th Annual Conference earlier this month was the issue of how much periodicals truly get the attention of advertisers -- and how publishers can solve that problem.

6/20/2014 - As advertising continues to shift from print to digital, marketers are missing out on a potential opportunity. Print ads, especially those placed in trade magazines or other wide-reaching publications, are more likely to touch (and hopefully, convert) non-customers than digital ads, which are typically willingly accessed by existing customers.

6/11/2014 - ABM recently had the opportunity to speak to Overdrive's Todd Dills about his Grand Neal Award-winning series “CSA’s Data Trail,” data-driven journalism, working with an editorial team and what the future holds for the magazine.

5/6/2014 - In a panel at ABM’s Annual Conference entitled “What B2B Brands Want from You,” moderator Tom Stein – CEO of Stein IAS (Americas) – sat down with C-level representatives from three very different companies to see what they expect – and need – from publishers.

4/30/2014 - As the Web’s premier business-based social networking platform, LinkedIn has established itself as a valuable tool for the b-to-b media industry.

4/15/2014 - NewBay Media has announced the purchase of Ratings Intelligence, a firm that offers subscription-based research services (such as ratings analysis and the creation of data tables and dynamic charts) to clients in the television industry.

3/19/2014 - On Mar. 27, ABM presents an exclusive seminar, “Understanding Content Marketing and Making Money from It.” In a session called, “Got-To-Market Strategies,” BVR CEO David Foster and Jessica April, director of business development with Reuters News Agency, will share how they are structuring internally to offer content marketing solutions, how they sell to brands and how they execute on those campaigns.

3/19/2014 - At the 60th Annual Jesse H. Neal Awards ceremony, the Grand Neal Award – the most prestigious award of the event, given to whichever winner best exemplified the standards of its category – went to Randall-Reilly Publishing Company’s Overdrive, for its series of articles on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)’s Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) program.

3/14/2014 - At the 60th Annual Jesse H. Neal Awards, agriculture publishers once again made their presence known.

3/10/2014 - Shauna Rumbaugh’s appointment to High Plains Journal’s newly-created position of web editor is the latest step in the publisher’s digital push. She has worked for High Plains Journal as a copy editor since 2010, and will now take a larger role in overseeing the company’s web presence.

3/4/2014 - At the 60th Annual Jesse H. Neal Awards ceremony on March 14, a special award will be given to Architectural Record in honor of the 28 Neals it has received since 1955 – more than any other publication. Accepting the award will be publisher Laura Viscusi.

2/26/2014 - At ABM’s Jesse H. Neal Awards ceremony on Friday, March 14, Marianne Dekker Mattera, managing editor at MedPage Today, will be honored in recognition of the record number of Neal Awards she has received over the course of her career.

2/18/2014 - Chandra Ram, editor of Plate magazine, has been awarded the 2014 McAllister Editorial Fellowship. A veteran of the foodservice industry, Ram spent more than 15 years as a cook/consulting chef before trading the kitchen for the editor’s chair.

2/12/2014 - Aviation Week’s Michael Fabey has been announced as the winner of the 2014 Timothy White Award. Named for the late Billboard magazine editor who was devoted to using his position in order to improve his industry – shedding light on issues such as artists’ rights – the award is given to a business editor who demonstrates bravery, integrity, passion and quality of product.

2/5/2014 - ABM has officially announced Robert Cassidy, editorial director of ScrantonGillette Communications’ Building Design + Construction magazine, as the winner of the 2014 G.D. Crain, Jr. Award.

1/29/2014 - As the early part of the 21st century elapsed, Forbes was one of many companies wondering what the future of media held in the face of the digital revolution. It was a risky reinvention of business journalism in the form of the Forbes Contributor Network, launched in 2010, that helped the media giant to stay up-to-date, relevant, profitable and competitive with the rest of the ever-moving internet news world.

12/18/2013 - In 2013, ABM's Committees & Councils have produced many projects, including webinars, research reports and workshops on subjects such as social media, the future of editorial, email marketing, custom content, database integration and more.

12/18/2013 - The deadlines for two of the trade industry’s most prestigious awards – the Timothy White Award and the G.D. Crain, Jr. Award – have been extended by ABM to Friday, December 20, 2013.

12/2/2013 - In their 60th year, the Neal Awards recognize editorial excellence in business media and are the industry’s most esteemed awards.

11/20/2013 - ABM's Editorial Committee and the Construction Writers Association has released its three-part training series for b-to-b editors and journalists in member companies.

11/19/2013 - Bob Benz, president of content, explains how he changed the company’s landscape with a series of progressive reinventions.

11/14/2013 - ABM's 2013 Executive Forum featured the return of Digital Velocity, an intensive workshop and networking event, organized by ABM’s Digital Media Council.

11/12/2013 - During the keynote at ABM’s 2013 Executive Forum, LinkedIn executive editor Dan Roth announced a new program that offers full feeds of original content on LinkedIn, similar to an RSS feed.

10/22/2013 - Tom Steinert-Threlkeld, a veteran business-to-business media editor, passed away on Sunday at the age of 59.

10/22/2013 - ABM invites the industry to nominate business media professionals for two special editorial awards, the G.D. Crain, Jr Award and the Timothy White Award for Editorial Integrity.

10/8/2013 - The 2014 Jesse H. Neal Awards competition is now open. Now in its 60th year, the Neals are business media's most esteemed and sought-after awards.

10/2/2013 - Many journalists resist the idea of creating a personal brand. But with the prominent use of Internet search engines and social platforms, journalists already have a brand, and it's public.

8/14/2013 - ABM’s Editorial Committee and the Construction Writers Association have partnered to offer a three-part webcast training series for b-to-b editors and journalists.

8/14/2013 - This fall, IBT Media, the digital media company that recently acquired Newsweek, will dive into trade media as it premieres its first business-to-business news site, focused on information technology.

8/9/2013 - The Postal Reform Act maintains the current CPI rate structure, while the acts on mobile apps and cybersecurity tackle privacy.

7/31/2013 - ThinkAdvisor, a Summit Business Media brand, has announced a new focus with customized reader content at the center of the transformation.

7/17/2013 - A new ABM video explains trade media and its impact on businesses to students and other budding journalists. The video was produced through ABM's affiliate, the Business Press Education Foundation (BPEF).

6/18/2013 - This week, Northstar Travel Media debuted its first responsive design site with TravelAge West. ABM spoke with Tom Cintorino, Northstar’s EVP of digital media and Neal Tornoposki, group digital media director for Travel Weekly and TravelAge West about the experience.

4/23/2013 - In a MediaPace blog post, Mark Sableman, ABM's information policy counsel, recaps a recent court decision that provides useful guidance on news aggregation.

3/13/2013 - IEEE Media's IEEE Spectrum received the coveted Grand Neal Award during ABM's 59th Annual Jesse H. Neal Awards ceremony.

3/13/2013 - More than 300 b-to-b media professionals converged yesterday to celebrate editorial excellence at ABM’s 59th annual Jesse H. Neal Awards.

2/27/2013 - On Feb. 28, at 2pm EST, Tracy Samantha Schmidt, director of social media strategy at Crain Communications, will host a free webinar on how to use social media as a reporting tool.

2/20/2013 - Many b-to-b digital news stories fall short in enterprise and end-user quotes, according to the final numbers of Editorial Solutions’ Phase III study on b-to-b e-news performance.

11/7/2012 - Eight ways to keep your business from being washed away when catastrophe strikes.

10/10/2012 - ABM talked to three former editors now in content marketing on how they got into the business and what writers make the best content marketers.

8/29/2012 - Two months ago, United Publications launched a newsmagazine covering security systems in the Gulf. "Our business plan is very simple," explains Brook Taliaferro, president and CEO. "It's to put a business newspaper where there isn't one."

8/22/2012 - In a blog on Nieman Journalism Lab, writer Jonathan Stray advocates that the most powerful metric in journalism is impact, and more publishers should take steps to measure it.

4/6/2012 - Publishers are starting to reward editors based on the amount of unique visitors they drive to the site with their content.

4/4/2012 - Eight b-to-b magazines launched in the first quarter of 2012 compared to 13 in 2011.

4/2/2012 - A recent study by the Content Marketing Institute found that 90 percent of b-to-b companies are using some form of content marketing.

4/2/2012 - The Association of Magazine Media announced voluntary guidelines to give magazines a better way of measuring their digital editions.

3/23/2012 - Being a journalist can be demanding, but Tom Huang from Poynter.com shares five ways to have a successful work/life balance.

3/14/2012 - Time Warner's CNN is reportedly in talks to acquire Mashable, a social media technology news site.

3/13/2012 - One early opportunity for b-to-b may lie in functional smartphone apps that keep users connected to their marketplace 24/7.

3/6/2012 - ABM has announced the selection of Aric Press for the coveted Crain Award.

2/29/2012 - Bloomberg relaunches Businessweek with a new design created to relfect the visual and snappy read of the print edition.

2/28/2012 - A recent survey of 200 ABM members found that while increased tablet usage is meaningful to 82.5% of respondents, just 42.1% say they have the understanding and the resources to charge ahead into tablets on their own.

2/27/2012 - Marnette Denell Falley is the recipient of the 2012 McAllister Editorial Fellowship.

2/24/2012 - Penton Media's technology media group announced that it will cease printing its magazines, which will become entirely digital brands beginning in May.

2/23/2012 - Asset International plans to launch a new quarterly print publication, Philanthropy Management, next month.

2/17/2012 - Two of the biggest entertainment trade media brands are partnering with the Associated Press to launch a new entertainment feed.

2/15/2012 - Environmental Business Journal has awarded commonground with a 2011 Business Achievement Award.

2/2/2012 - Comag Marketing Group, the Princeton, New Jersey-based national magazine distributor jointly owned by Hearst and Condé Nast, has been sold to the Jim Pattison Group.

1/25/2012 - J-prof says, Right now, newspapers and magazines should be figuring out how to turn their best long-form work into iBooks.

1/9/2012 - MedTech Media, publisher of Healthcare IT News and Healthcare Finance News, will launch PhysBizTech, a multi-platform, online publication for small and medium sized physician group practices, on Feb. 1.