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10/16/2014 - ABM's educational event in New York City gave media company professionals a chance to hone old skills, develop new ones, and pick up actionable takeaways useful for levels from managers to junior practitioners.

9/25/2014 - In about a month and a half, the Business Information & Media Summit will bring together three major events from three Software & Information Industry Association divisions: the ABM Executive Forum; the Data Content Show, produced with InfoCommerce Group and SIIA’s Content Division; and the SIPA Marketing Conference. Kieselstein will be addressing all three constituaencies in his keynote on Nov. 10.

8/20/2014 - Fresh off the launch of our successful Regional Training Series in Chicago, ABM brings the training day to New York on Oct. 15. The ABM Regional Training Series gives media company staffs the skills they need to compete and succeed, with actionable takeaways that are applicable for levels from managers to junior practitioners.

7/18/2014 - Aquafeed, the producer of the conferences, has decided to focus on its own publications and events in the aquaculture space.

6/25/2014 - Content curation has become a necessary part of today’s information environment, but many editors are still struggling with how to think about curation strategically. During the editorial track at the first installment of ABM’s Regional Training Series “Edit, Digital Sales and Data Products” on July 10, PublishThis vice president of sales Chad Elbert will host a session entitled “Feed the Beast: Understanding Content Curation Strategies.”

6/20/2014 - A recurring theme of discussion at SIPA's 38th Annual Conference earlier this month was the issue of how much periodicals truly get the attention of advertisers -- and how publishers can solve that problem.

6/11/2014 - At ABM’s Marketer/Media/Publisher Council meeting in April, Randall Friedman, group publisher of Penton Media’s restaurant and food groups, shared what he has found to be the three biggest demands marketers have for the companies with which they advertise: content creation, lead generation and ownership of a topic.

6/4/2014 - ABM has partnered with the Internet Advertising Bureau to offer a comprehensive digital sales training certification program which provides ABM digital sales teams and their companies with benchmarks that demonstrate a deep understanding of the process of creating digital media packages for their advertisers.

6/4/2014 - According to recently-released data compiled by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), the U.S. trade show industry grew 2.6 percent year-on-year in the first quarter of 2014.

5/28/2014 - First ever educational sessions will offer actionable takeaways for Chicago-area professionals, from managers to junior practitioners.

5/20/2014 - Direct mail and e-mail marketing are the most common forms of attendee promotions, according to the Center of Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR)’s “Cost to Attract Attendees” study.

5/14/2014 - ABM has officially opened registration for the 2014 Harold W. McGraw, Jr. Invitational golf tournament. Held annually, the proceeds from the tournament benefit the Business Press Educational Foundation (BPEF), an organization devoted to placing college students into business media company internships.

5/6/2014 - Today, many companies are taking advantage of technology-based solutions for increasing their marketing success. Tactics such as marketing automation and retargeting have proven useful for organizations with vast resources and wide reach – but are such practices viable for business-to-business publishers?

5/6/2014 - Digital and specialized business information products, not television, are two of the biggest drivers of growth for The Weather Company, parent of The Weather Channel. Today, b-to-b products represent 10 percent of revenue. In the next three years, that percentage will double, thanks to big data and the ability to integrate into customer workflows.

5/6/2014 - At ABM’s Annual Conference, a panel of leaders from both the digital and sales worlds discussed how to bridge the gap between their departments in a session entitled “1+1=3: Getting Business and Technology Groups to Work Together.”

5/6/2014 - In a panel at ABM’s Annual Conference entitled “What B2B Brands Want from You,” moderator Tom Stein – CEO of Stein IAS (Americas) – sat down with C-level representatives from three very different companies to see what they expect – and need – from publishers.

4/30/2014 - Next week, ABM’s 2014 Annual Conference will be held at the Arizona Grand Resort & Spa in Phoenix. From May 4–7, C-level decision-makers, managers and marketers will gather for a series of sessions and events focusing on the theme of this year’s conference, “Go-to-Market Solutions.”

4/23/2014 - At yesterday’s Marketer/Media/Publisher Council meeting in New York – entitled “B2B Media 360: Mobilizing Brands for Growth – How, When and Where to Play” – a group of experts representing the different sides of the business-to-business industry converged to share experiences and proven solutions.

4/15/2014 - On April 22, New York’s Chrysler Building will play host to the semiannual meeting of ABM’s Marketer/Media/Publisher Council, entitled “B2B Media 360: Mobilizing Brands for Growth – How, When and Where to Play.”

4/10/2014 - Tom Kemp, CEO and chairman of Northstar Travel Media, has been announced as the 2014 McAllister Top Management Fellow.

4/10/2014 - At the ABM/SIIA/StrategyEye event “Understanding Content Marketing and Making Money from It” in new York City last month, business-to-business brands, publishers and agencies came together to share how they approached content marketing.

4/2/2014 - Prior to co-hosting “Scaling Your Event Business,” a session dealing with conferences, expos, and trade shows at ABM's Annual Conference, Bill Springer offered ABM some insight into the process behind hosting events and customizing scale.

3/25/2014 - This Thursday, at ABM’s Marketing Services Council meeting, Rex Hammock, founder and CEO of Hammock, Inc., will host a presentation entitled “How to Go-to-Market.” Prior to the council meeting, ABM had the chance to ask Hammock some questions about becoming a marketing services provider and what trends he’s seen in the industry during his career.

3/19/2014 - On Mar. 27, ABM presents an exclusive seminar, “Understanding Content Marketing and Making Money from It.” In a session called, “Got-To-Market Strategies,” BVR CEO David Foster and Jessica April, director of business development with Reuters News Agency, will share how they are structuring internally to offer content marketing solutions, how they sell to brands and how they execute on those campaigns.

3/19/2014 - Last Friday, 300 business-to-business luminaries gathering in Manhattan’s Pier Sixty to celebrate the 60th Annual Jesse H. Neal Awards ceremony. The awards honored business journalism’s best and brightest in 20 different categories, including Best Single Article, Best Website, and Best Use of Social Media. The winners represented a wide array of ABM members across a host of different industries.

3/19/2014 - At the 60th Annual Jesse H. Neal Awards ceremony, the Grand Neal Award – the most prestigious award of the event, given to whichever winner best exemplified the standards of its category – went to Randall-Reilly Publishing Company’s Overdrive, for its series of articles on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)’s Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) program.

3/12/2014 - At ABM’s 2014 Annual Conference on May 5, BLR chief content officer Ed Keating will share how the company crafted a new type of solution to become more than just an information source.

2/26/2014 - At ABM’s Jesse H. Neal Awards ceremony on Friday, March 14, Marianne Dekker Mattera, managing editor at MedPage Today, will be honored in recognition of the record number of Neal Awards she has received over the course of her career.

1/22/2014 - At the upcoming Information Industry Summit – the first to be co-programmed by ABM and parent organization SIIA – Michael Garity, Asset International’s VP of global event strategy and business development, will show how the company stopped leaving money on the table by identifying event sponsor needs and meeting those needs through its integrated media offerings.

1/22/2014 - ABM’s 2014 Annual Conference, which will be held May 4-6 at the Arizona Grand Resort and Spa in Phoenix, will focus on Go-to-Market Solutions.

1/15/2014 - When Joshua Crandall started what would become Clever Commute in 2006, he had no idea of the vast experiment in information crowdsourcing that it would soon become. “I engaged a few of my fellow commuters and I said, ‘Can I have your e-mail addresses and let’s just make a pact – first person who sees a problem, let each other know.’”

1/15/2014 - Content teams in business-to-business media want to leverage the expertise of their vertical communities but are often constrained in how much scale they can drive with user generated content. However, companies such as ALM are now tapping into the Forbes Contributor Network, a white label solution that both curates expert third-party content while offering a content management system to publish both user and original content.

12/11/2013 - This past week, ABM members Diversified Business Communications and Vendome Group announced the purchase of new brands to be integrated into their structures and bolster their overall reach.

12/3/2013 - In a special roundtable event held at ABM’s Executive Forum, “Corporate Structure and the New B-to-B Matrix,” five CEOs shared their experiences configuring and managing functioning corporate environments.

11/20/2013 - ABM and SIIA's co-programmed annual Information Industry Summit will be held in New York City on Jan. 29-30.

11/12/2013 - At the annual ABM event in Chicago, speakers discussed key performance metrics as well as models for structuring data sales teams.

11/5/2013 - Next month, DTN/The Progressive Farmer will host its seventh annual DTN/The Progressive Farmer Ag Summit in Chicago.

10/16/2013 - Later this month, more than 15 ABM members will be honored at the 2013 Folio: 100 breakfast, which recognizes media's "innovators, entrepreneurial thinkers and disrupters."

10/16/2013 - Digital Velocity is the only b2b media event for digital media professionals, programmed by digital media professionals.

9/25/2013 - Allured Business Media has launched a new event management company, Allured Global Events, which will operate as a standalone business.

9/18/2013 - A webinar by Knowledge Marketing made a strong case for the events team to own the integrated database, laying out various ways integrated data can drive additional event ROI.

9/18/2013 - Online technologies, such as social networks, could impact the event industry, but won't replace face-to-face communication, said Clay Shirky, keynote speaker of CEIR's Predict Conference.

8/19/2013 - The events industry posted its 12th consecutive quarter of year-over-year growth, marking three years of year-over-year increase, according to the CEIR Index.

7/31/2013 - Next week, bXb online, an event marketing consulting agency, will premiere a new content platform for business-to-business professionals, BOB.tv.

6/17/2013 - The CEIR Index for the overall exhibition industry shows has been positive for 11 quarters running -- but the index's attendance metric reveals negative growth in the most recent report.

6/11/2013 - SourceMedia has launched a new brand that will join its Healthcare Group, the Health Insurance Exchange (HIX).

6/5/2013 - Recent inquiries into government conference spending have found lavish spending — giving some events a bad rep.

5/29/2013 - Hanley Wood has added another mega show to its roster, Greenbuild, the largest trade show dedicated to green building.

5/8/2013 - SIIA and ABM is set to host their first co-branded event, a roundtable focused on how to drive mobile app revenue via new technologies, including advanced cloud capabilities and data integration.

4/30/2013 - Marketing automation. Behavioral targeting. “Day-parting.” If these concepts aren’t part of your strategy, they soon will be, according to executives who kicked off ABM’s 2013 Annual Conference.

4/17/2013 - Spiceworks is the go-to community for the IT industry with more than 2.5 million professionals and hundreds of vendors willing to pay to join. So what makes Spiceworks so attractive to brands? ABM talked to Co-Founder Jay Hallberg.

4/10/2013 - On April 16, marketers, agencies and publishers will gather together to discuss two topics crucial to company growth.

4/3/2013 - ABM talked to Tom Cochran, CTO at Atlantic Media Company, on the biggest tech challenges, how to attract the best developer talent, the role of a CTO and more.

3/27/2013 - If we are entering the “post-PC world,” what does this mean for how are audiences are using these devices and how they want us to serve them?

3/20/2013 - At ABM's Annual Conference, Tony Uphoff, newly named CEO of Business.com and former CEO of UBM TechWeb, will moderate a panel on the b-to-b company of the future. ABM chatted with Uphoff for a preview of the session.

3/20/2013 - On March 28, the MPA will host Swipe 2.0: The Magazine Media Playbook for Digital Success, an event on how to engage and monetize readers across a wide range of digital platforms.

3/19/2013 - The events industry posted its 10th straight quarter of growth, but the increase was lower than expected, according to the latest CEIR Index.

3/19/2013 - The Advanced Leadership Program for Independent Operators is a customized education program discussing the opportunities and operational realities unique to smaller companies.

3/13/2013 - IEEE Media's IEEE Spectrum received the coveted Grand Neal Award during ABM's 59th Annual Jesse H. Neal Awards ceremony.

3/13/2013 - More than 300 b-to-b media professionals converged yesterday to celebrate editorial excellence at ABM’s 59th annual Jesse H. Neal Awards.

3/6/2013 - In a webinar last week, Crain's director of social media strategy specified many ways b-to- b journalists could use social media as part of their everyday reporting tasks.

2/27/2013 - On Feb. 28, at 2pm EST, Tracy Samantha Schmidt, director of social media strategy at Crain Communications, will host a free webinar on how to use social media as a reporting tool.

2/20/2013 - A jointly developed on-demand series of digital media training webinars from The Laredo Group and ABM is now available.

2/13/2013 - Mobile is a huge opportunity for brands, but executives were quick to cite dangers during a roundtable at the DeSilva + Phillips Dealmakers Summit last week.

2/13/2013 - ABM has revealed the 183 finalists for the 59th Annual Jesse H. Neal Awards, which recognize and reward the best editorial in b-to-b media.

2/6/2013 - ABM has announced the complete agenda for its Annual Conference, this April 28 - May 1 in Amelia Island, Fla.

1/30/2013 - Trade Show Executive has named the winners in its Fastest 50 Awards, which honors the fastest-growing trade shows in three categories.

1/16/2013 - At ABM’s B-to-B Advanced Leadership Program, 27 media up-and-comers gained real-world insights from top industry executives and Medill experts.

1/16/2013 - The company recently acquired a title, which increased its staff by 52 percent, says President Norm Kamikow. MediaTec is also debuting an event spinoff, the web portal HCM-TV.

1/15/2013 - During a session at Folio:’s MediaNext Conference, paidContent founder Rafat Ali shared how he’s growing his new b-to-b startup, Skift.

1/7/2013 - ABM's 2013 event, themed “The Future of B-to-B Media: Cross-Platform Growth Strategies and a New Value Proposition,” will be held April 28 - May 1.

1/2/2013 - Originally branded as Tesoro Events, in 2009, the company started to revamp from working with publishers to produce events to a more robust b-to-b media company.

12/4/2012 - The events industry posted a 0.9 percent increase for Q3, a slower rate of increase compared to Q1 and Q2.

11/29/2012 - A provision arose from the GSA conference scandal this past summer and was hastily added to the Senate bill without consideration of the impact.

11/27/2012 - Established in 1955, the Neal Awards recognize and reward editorial excellence in b-to-b, a top media category that is, unfortunately, often overlooked.

11/20/2012 - The Enk events will add to Advanstar's existing fashion events portfolio, which includes Magic and Project.

10/24/2012 - In a panel called "Are Data and Business Intelligence Worth More Than Advertising?," held at Executive Forum, industry leaders advocated for data-driven services as a second business line.

10/23/2012 - While about 20 percent of survey respondents say their companies have formal mobile strategies, the vast majority are pursuing content for smartphones and apps more casually.

10/22/2012 - The conference, attended primarily by senior-level execs from b-to-b media and data companies, will feature a keynote tonight by Bloomberg’s Norman Pearlstine.

10/22/2012 - The Bloomberg chief content officer kicked off ABM's Executive Forum by discussing his thoughts on recurring revenue strategies, the newsmagazines he think will survive in print and the next big media disruption.

10/9/2012 - Dubbed the “the Pulitzer Prize of business media,” the Neal Awards recognize the very best in b-to-b editorial.

9/25/2012 - One of ABM’s most popular offerings, the B-to-B Advanced Leadership Program, modeled to resemble a "mini MBA," returns January 7-11.

9/18/2012 - Events remain the backbone of the b-to-b media industry, but the industry may need to look to new metrics to gauge success, according to the speakers at the CEIR Predict Conference last week.

9/12/2012 - Z Squared Media just wrapped up a big event last week, attended by marketing and PR pros around the world. CEO Joe Pulizzi chatted with ABM about the event and gave content marketing advice to publishers.

8/21/2012 - New ABM member Boardroom Events is aiming to become the standard for producing hosted events. ABM talked with Founder Charles Badoian about the company model, what he believes are the fundamentals in producing events and the future of the events industry.

8/14/2012 - ABM's 2012 Harold W. McGraw, Jr. Invitational reported a 22 percent increase in attendance compared to last year.

8/1/2012 - The Center for Exhibition Industry Research revisited its 2002 study, The Role and Value of Face-to-Face Interaction, with an updated 2012 version that asks both attendees and exhibitors about the value of face-to-face events.

7/27/2012 - The Agricultural Media Summit, a joint meeting of the ABM Agri Council, the American Agricultural Editor’s Association and the Livestock Publications Council, will be held Aug. 4-8 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.