Webinar: How to Use Social Media as a Reporting Tool

ABM Social Media Webinar

Feb. 27, 2012 - Too often, social media channels are used simply to promote links to existing content on other platforms — but that means many b-to-b content teams are neglecting one of their most powerful tools. Tomorrow, Feb. 28 at 2pm EST, Tracy Samantha Schmidt, director of social media strategy at Crain Communications, will host a free webinar on how to use social media as a reporting tool. The webinar will show content teams of all sizes how to use social media for more than story promotion, and how the platform can be one of their most powerful tools.

Schmidt will discuss strategy for b-to-b reporters, including how to use existing social media profiles to find sources, story ideas, share content and build personal relationships with readers. She will give an overview of newer social networks, including Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr, as well as best practices by social network, including:

  • Optimizing your LinkedIn profile for SEO
  • A walk-through LinkedIn’s search engine to find sources.
  • A walk-through Twitter’s search engine to find sources.
  • Explain Twitter trends and hashtags
  • How to create a Tweet that gets clicked
  • How to use Twitter to find story ideas and sources
  • How to use Twitter to talk with readers about a story
  • How to use Twitter to cover an event in real-time
  • Google authorship — what this is, how it helps your SEO and how to get it.
  • Google Hangout — how to use it to create a real-time event for your readers
  • Facebook — how to use Graph Search to find sources and story ideas
  • Facebook — how to turn on the subscriber feed on your profile
  • Facebook — how to post content and have a conversation on FB about the content.

"There's such much enthusiasm that some companies want to do everything quickly,” Schmidt said in a video interview with ABM last year. “They want to jump in and have a Facebook, have a Twitter, have a Foursquare, have everything. What I like to tell companies, is start with a strategy and that includes really taking a look internally at what content you already have and what people you have."

Crain’s Social Media Group recently launched a social resource website called Crain’s Social that offers tips, blogs and an explanation of the Social Media Group’s services. The group specializes in three areas, including custom training; executive coaching and strategic planning.

To register for the webinar, click here.

By Matt Kinsman

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