Survey: B-to-B leads monetization of digital publishing

Nov. 7, 2012 - In a survey of business-to-business, consumer and association publishers, the b-to-b publishers report that 16 percent of their revenue comes from digital sources, compared with 14 percent of revenue reported by consumer publishers and 7 percent of revenue reported by association publishers. The recently released "2012 Publisher Monetization" survey, conducted by Godengo+Texterity and BPA, focused on the monetization of digital editions, magazine apps and websites. There were more than 130 completed surveys from media professionals in b-to-b, consumer, association and niche sectors. Business-to-business publishers represented 30 percent of respondents.

Other key findings:

When looking at revenue sources for digital editions and apps, b-to-b publishers rely more on advertising than content sales at this point for monetizing assets. While 45 percent and 46 percent of respondents use digital editions and apps, respectively, to sell single copies or subscriptions of their publications, only 21 percent and 20 percent of b-to-b respondents do so.

When asked "Through which media does your organization publish its content?" b-to-b respondents publish less through social media than other channels (79 percent of b-to-b respondents "currently publish" through social media, compared to 86 percent overall, a decrease of 9 percent).

When asked about types of publications, b-to-b publishes notably more whitepapers (70 percent more than other sectors).

When looking at the publishing role of respondents, the b-to-b sector sees double the "Advertising Sales" titles.

B-to-B has larger publishing team sizes. While 50 percent of all respondents work in publishing teams of 10 or less, 34 percent of b-to-b publishers are in teams of 10 or less. Additonally, while 12 percent of all respondents are in teams of 51+, 29 percent of b-to-b publishers work in teams of 51+.   

The full research report can be requested for free by visiting, registering and selecting "2012 Publisher Monetization Research."

By Elizabeth A. Reid